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Chicken Caesar Wrap
15 CAD
Romaine, Caesar dressing, croutons, chicken, Parmesan salad

Mediterranean Wrap
15 CAD
Tomato, cucumber, red onion, bell peppers, feta, tortilla wrap

15 CAD
Mixed peppers, green onion, fior di latte, aged chedder

Parmigiana Sandwich
15 CAD
Breaded chicken or veal, tomato sauce, fior di latte

Sausage Sandwich
15 CAD
Homemade Italian sausage, tomato sauce, bell peppers, fior di latte

Meatball Sandwich
15 CAD
Meatballs, zesty tomato sauce, fior di latte

Philly Steak Sandwich
15 CAD
Philly style beef, melted cheese, mushroom demi glaze

Vegetable Burger
15 CAD
6oz veggie patty, lettuce, tomato, onion, aioli, brioche bun

Prime Rib Burger
15 CAD
6oz prime rib beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mustard aioli, brioche bun


Warm Pita Bread
2.5 CAD

Prawn Santorini
13 CAD
Saute prawns, onions, garlic, basil, rose sauce

Mussels & Loukaniko
16 CAD
Saute mussels, Loukaniko sausage, oregano, tomato sauce

Greek Style Fries
Homemade crispy fries, shredded Kefalotyri cheese, truffle oil drizzle

Ripe vine leaves, stuffed with rice pilaf, topped with lemon pepper, E.V.O.O., served with tzatziki

Greek style homemade beef meatballs, fried and tossed in lemon oregano E.V.O.O. served with tzatziki

Pita & Dips
With choice of hummus, tzatziki or red pepper feta dip

Feta & Marinated Olives
11 CAD
Marinated mixed olives & feta cheese, served with homemade foaccia bread

15 CAD
Buttermilk marinated calamari, golden fried, served with tzaziki

11 CAD
Oven baked filo pastry, stuffed with spinach & feta cheese, served with roasted red pepper sauce

Loukaniko Sausage
Spicy homemade sausage, roasted bell peppers & onions, oregano tomato sauce

13 CAD
Greek kefalotyri cheese, flambeed at the table side with brandy

Avgolemono soup
Local organic chicken, rice pilaf, lemon egg yolk broth

Seafood Soup
19 CAD
Fresh assorted seafood, mix vegetable medley in light oregano tomato broth

Cheese toast

Garlic toast

Cheese Burek
11 CAD
Homemade baked Phyllo pastry, stuffed with ricotta and feta cheese

Spinach Burek
11 CAD
Homemade baked Phyllo pastry, stuffed with spinach and feta cheese

Beef Burek
11 CAD
Homemade baked Phyllo pastry stuffed with Alberta lean ground beef, onions, tomato sauce

To Share

Mezze Platter
29 CAD
Chefs selection of 3 cured meats, 3 cheeses, marinated mixed olives served with homemade focaccia bread

Trio Of Dips
19 CAD
Hummus, tzatziki, roasted pepper feta dip served with warm pita bread

Apolonia Platter
29 CAD
Spankopita, dolmades, kalamari, keftedes, tzatziki


Beet Salad
14 CAD
Poached beets, organic mixed greens, red onions, ripe tomatoes, orange segments, homemade oregano vinaigrette dressing

14 CAD
Tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, kalamata olives, red onions, feta cheese, homemade oregano vinaigrette dressing

Mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, homemade oregano vinaigrette dressing

Romaine hearts, parmesan cheese, homemade croutons, homemade creamy caesar dressing


Pizza Diavolos
21 CAD
Mozzarella, oregano tomato sauce, calabrese salami, jalapeno peppers

Spicy Elios
19 CAD
Mozzarella, oregano tomato sauce prawns, roasted jalapeno, fresh arugula

Mushroom & Prosciutto
23 CAD
Mozzarella, homemade basil pesto sauce, prosciutto, fresh arugula, & truffle oil

Meat Lover
24 CAD
Mozzarella, oregano tomato sauce, pepperoni, loukaniko sausage, salami, prosciutto

16 CAD
Mozzarella, oregano tomato sauce, fresh basil

Greek Sausage
21 CAD
Mozzarella, oregano tomato sauce, Italian sausage, red onion, bell peppers


19 CAD
Traditional Greek baked pasta dish with tomato meat sauce, kasseri cheese & b├ęchamel sauce

Makaronia Me Kima
19 CAD
Spaghetti, homemade meat sauce, herbs & spices, oregano tomato sauce, fresh basil

19 CAD
Spaghetti, homemade beef meatballs, oregano tomato sauce, fresh basil

Kotopoulo (Chicken)
19 CAD
Penne, local organic chicken, mushroom, grated kefalotyri cheese, homemade rose sauce

Linguine Ionian Thalassina
24 CAD
Linguine, prawns, salmon, mussels, clams, light white wine or light tomato sauce

Rice Pilaf Ionian Thalassina
24 CAD
Rice pilaf, prawns, salmon, mussels, clams, light white wine or light tomato sauce

Loukaniko (Sausage)
19 CAD
Penne, homemade loukaniko sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms, oregano tomato sauce

17 CAD
Fettuccine, homemade Alfredo sauce

Main Dishes

Garides (Prawns)
24 CAD
Grilled prawns marinated in lemon, garlic served with rice pilaf, homemade rose sauce

Lemon Rosemary Chicken
26 CAD
Roasted local organic thighs with lemon rosemary sauce, rice pilaf

Grilled Salmon
26 CAD
Fresh grilled salmon fillet, tomato caper salsa served with rice pilaf

Souvlaki & Pilaf
26 CAD
Choice of beef, chicken, or shrimp, saute onions served with rice pilaf, seasonal vegetables, pita, tzatziki

Lamb Shank
29 CAD
Slow braised lamb shank in red wine or tomato sauce, served with roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables

Petite Tender Medallions
32 CAD
2x 4oz AAA petite tender medallions grilled, served with roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables

Lamb Chops
34 CAD
Grilled lamb chops marinated in garlic, rosemary olive oil, served with roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables

Veal Chop
34 CAD
Grilled veal chops, served with roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables

Greek Ribs
26 CAD
Braised baby back ribs in lemon oregano, served with roasted potatoes, seasonal vegetables


Profiteroles (Cream Puffs)
chocolate drizzle, whip cream

Warm Banana Nutella Crepe
8.95 CAD
Chocolate drizzle, roasted almonds

Chocolate Cake
9.5 CAD
Pure chocolate sensation, dark chocolate

8.5 CAD
Blueberry lavender cheesecake


Flavoured San Pellegrino
2.95 CAD
Clementine, Blood Orange, Orange

Pop 375ML
1.95 CAD
Coke, diet coke, ginger ale, 7up

Red Bull
3.95 CAD
Limited time only

Root Beer
3.95 CAD

Bottled Water 650ML
4.95 CAD
Still or sparkling

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